Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Plastic Green Technology

All over the world, green technology is becoming a booming concept to research and as such, billions of dollars every year and dumped into the research and development in this field. One such advancement in green technology is that of biodegradable plastic resin. In recent headlines one has probably heard about the advancements in the development of biodegradable plastic resins.  

This was just one of many leaps in the plastic resin field in which a biodegradable version of one of the most popular forms of plastic was created and trialed for all to bear witness to. PET plastics in general never degrade. These are polyether plastics similar to that which makes up the infamous plastic grocery bag. While still not as strong as the conventional plastic, it does degrade in only 45 days which is a definite leap from the previous non-degradable version that is widely available and accepted as the norm.

The name for this corn oil based version of the PET plastic is known as PLA and today further research has helped it to become cheaper to produce than that of the standard PET plastics.

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