Monday, November 14, 2011

Green Portable Container Solutions - (GPCS)

GPCS products can be manufactured and delivered for only a very few pennies, a number of companies can offer them as promotional incentives or tokens of corporate goodwill. For example, airlines or luggage manufacturers and vendors may offer these unique packets/containers or multiple packet strips as promotional incentives. Travel agencies may offer them as travel rewards. Manufacturers of fluids may wish to include complementary packets with the purchase of oversized containers.
The public will likely want to adapt these unique self-filling container packaging packets to their own personal uses wholly unrelated to TSA and travel issues. The packets could also find use or reapplication, for examples, as temporary containers for makeup, jewelry, pill or medicaments, food court condiments, quick relief skin lotions and antibacterial fluids. Beauty salons may offer pre-loaded packets of hair gels and the like as new product samplers.  As previously mentioned, this product can also be used in the food service and health and beauty packaging industry.     

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