Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green Portable Container Solutions - Our Story

 “Green” Portable Container Solutions, (GPCS) would like to introduce you to our innovative functional uniquely designed “Multi-Opening” Leak proof Packet Container/Packaging, our base product design. GPCS products relates to the field of containers and packaging, and more particularly to packets, bottles, flexible leak-proof bags container packaging and the like developed for carrying or transporting fluid, paste, liquid, solids, gel substances and the like. However, while in no way intended as limited to such field of use or application.

Therefore, GPCS products can also be used in the food service and health and beauty storage and packaging industry just to name a few.  GPCS container/packaging is functional, reusable, light weight, sanitary, universal, portable, and environmentally friendly and has good tensile strength. GPCS present invention offers a new and improved system and method featuring flexible packet type container packaging that may be made of plastic, plasticized material or equivalent similarly flexible and durable material. This is a system or device and its method of use that typical businesses and consumers can employ in storing packaging or re-packaging fluids, solids or gels in a safe and cost effective manner. 

GPCS products can also be made from environmentally friendly material such as compostable & biodegradable biopolymer type resins that  meet  the American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM) specification requirements for ASTM D6868, ASTM D6400.  The use of this type material can reduce the polypropylene material normally used by up to 60% with natural, plant based resources and help save our ever endangered environment. Our eco-safe bio-plastic products consist of fully natural resources that are certified Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI) compostable.    

I am seeking business partners that are willing to share the vision and hard work by providing funding for continued product development and prototype assessment. Product licensing is also a possible business model for prospective investors and companies. Deliverables include full technical design packages for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.