Sunday, October 24, 2010

Biodegradable Multi-Opening Leak Proof Packet - Model TTPP-01

This uniquely designed Flexible, Multi-opening, Multi-purpose leak proof container can be used for liquids and/or solids or gel type products.  This container is sustainable, highly durable, sanitary, light weight, re-usable and portable and can be made to fit any size for any occasion.  Our containers can take the hassles out of packing liquids, gels and solids and can be used for all kinds of exciting adventures. The most unique aspect of this container is the affixed or flip type cap to allow one to pour, disperse liquids or gels or transfer from larger containers and this innovation allows for a zip-lock type mechanism at the lower portion of the container and can be made with a press lock seam at the very bottom of the container for the same reason. This product is easy to use and would be a great alternative solution to the use of conventional plastic, non recyclable , petroleum based plasticized bags, bottles. Our start up company is looking for product developers to help market our products.  for a complete executive summary, and detailed description, please email at:  Deliverables include full technical design package for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.     

"Think Green - Green Bag Containers"

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