Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) - Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important and the need to take action now is urgent.  "Green” Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) products relate to the field of environmentally friendly, portable, biodegradable, bag and container products.  My research concludes that wide spread use of environmentally friendly containers and carrying cases can reduce un-degradable landfill waste by as much as 50%.  GPCS product line can help corporate businesses move toward zero un-degradable waste goals for the environment and save at least 65% percent less energy over producing conventional plastics.

GPCS features the “All-N-One” Flexible Multi-Purpose Kit including a degradable carrying case and unique container designs and much more. These products are easy to use, reusable, light weight, sanitary, universal, portable and environmentally friendly. Marketing research finds our product line is especially well adaptive to the camping, hiking, gym, office products, travel and more. The competitive advantage of my products is the low development cost.  Our products are comprised of at least 85% biodegradable material and patent pending unique concept.

Our portable product line features several optional unique designs which can suit any application or situation.  GPCS products can be used in a variety of industries such as: sporting goods, outdoor equipment, travel, food, transportation companies, and consumers and manufacturers around the globe.

Many countries world-wide are looking for ways to reduce the use of conventional plastic products and replace them with environmentally friendly solutions. GPCS can provide investors with an opportunity to position themselves with a start-up company that has great potential for future growth in a relatively new industry. For more information please email at:

                                            Think Green- Green Bag Containers


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