Thursday, October 14, 2010

Problems with the Environment

 There is currently an excess use of non-recyclable, non-conventional petroleum based, non-degradable plasticized bags and bottles. Also, businesses, manufactures and consumers around the globe continue to use these types of products.

There are billions of pounds of polypropylene waste in our landfills, waterways and back yards.  Over 200 million tons of plastics are manufactured annually around the world with 26 million manufactured in the United States with  ONLY  5.8 % of the 26 millions is being recycled.   

Our environment needs our help......

"Green" Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) has the solution.  Currently, we are looking for Product Developers to help market our products.  For a complete executive summary and video clips, please email at:  Deliverables also include full technical design packages for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.  

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