Sunday, January 15, 2012

What makes this Product Unique

GPCS packaging can be made of environmentally friendly type resins with good tensile strength. GPCS present invention offers a new and improved system and method featuring (3 way) optional ways to package, re-package, re-distribute or disperse food, liquids, solids or gels in this flexible packaging that may be made plasticized, biopolymer or equivalent similarly durable material.

What makes this product even more unique over products already on the shelves is being reusable, renewable and can be disbursed individually or sold as grouped packages with a tear way perforation for sell in retail outlets and/or can be placed in a wall-mounted dispenser throughout airports, travel agencies, commercial bathrooms and buildings to provide instant soothing and protecting agents as well. So, clearly, objectives and advantages readily ascribed to the present invention include resolving airport screening dilemmas packaging, re-packaging and storage of solid liquid or gel type products.

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