Thursday, October 28, 2010

Solutions For Plastic Bag Problems

Apart from the knowledge of many, plastic baggages pose a serious worldwide problem. They are considered one of the many pollutants of the earth. So to minimize the threat, many campaigns have been established banning the production and use of plastic baggages.

However, we cannot deny the benefits we can get from plastic baggages. They are very light which make handling of any things easier. They are very economical as they cost only a cent per piece. They are strong and durable in which they can hold even heavy and massive materials. And they are multipurpose wherein you can do so much in one plastic.

Yet still problems arise because plastic bags are not so friendly for the environment. It takes years for them to decompose and all they leave are litters everywhere. Here are the major problems the world is facing because of plastic bags:

1. Land problems - tons of plastic trash bags clutter the landfills. Because it would take hundreds of years before they break down naturally, they build up into mountains of garbage. Sanitation problems occur, so as messy, odor-full dump areas.
2. Water problems - there is an increasing amount of plastics clogging the drainage. This will then result to flood problems when rainy day comes. Another is they contaminate the oceans by their toxins and poison marine animals if they are mistaken as food.
3. Air problems - plastic bags when burned emit harmful toxins that are dangerous for the health if inhaled. They are also destructive for the atmosphere because production of plastics requires gallons of petroleum.
While these problems are being addressed to officially one by one, we can take our part by personally solving plastic bag problems in our household. Here are 3 tips we can consider doing:
1. Minimize the use of plastic bags either by first, use paper shopping bags which are biodegradable and eco-friendly; or second, reuse plastic shopping bags by not accepting new ones anymore in the store. We can bring our own bag every time we shop and we can conserve plastics.
2. Recycle plastic bags in many creative ways. Some create it as tote bag, renew it as a pouch, or remake it as a wallet. Several grocery stores are also collecting plastic bags for recycling. There are also recycling programs in various areas in which you can learn how to recycle.
3. Turn to biodegradable plastic bags. Biodegradable plastics are widely accepted and available to conserve energy and solve pollution problems. These plastics are often used for food bags, plant bags and shopping bags. Because they can easily decompose, they are not posing risks to the environment.
By Owertypalopalo Uy
Think Green - Green Bag Containers

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There are ways that you can use to (GO GREEN) for outdoor sporting activities, travel and reduce your production of carbon dioxide and therefore lighten your impact on the environment.  "Green" Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) has designed the “All-N-One” Flexible Multi-Purpose kit that is a reusable, convenient, unique and environmental friendly attractive solution. It is made of natural resources, sustainable and biodegradable material such as corn starch, tapioca, wheat and potatoes.  Utilizing our products could take the pressure off the nations mounting landfills and save our water ways back country.  Businesses, manufacturers and consumers utilizing our green bag container products will reduce waste and help protect the world’s natural resources.

Utilizing (GPCS) kit will help encourage the sporting goods, transportation companies and travel industry, manufacturers and businesses “GO GREEN” profile, and save our ever endangered environment.  This product is reusable and easy to use and would be a great alternative solution that will solve problems such as: provide safe and convenient ways for consumers to camp green while utilizing their essential liquids, gels and solids and reduce the impact on the environment while camping and hiking.  Consumers could use this product for dispersal of their condiments, spices, pills, cotton balls, fishing sinkers, shampoo, cooking oil, suntan lotion, washing up liquids, other important liquids, hygiene products and much more.  This product can also be perfect for traveling long or short trips on trains, planes and other vehicles.  It can assist airline industries reduction of waste at screening points and made to meet the U.S. Transportation Administration requirements for carry-on liquids or gels.

The production of biodegradable products from renewable resources that can be returned to the earth as a fertilizer is an unmitigated good for our environment. Currently, legislation and green initiatives in the US, Europe and Asia are in high demand for renewable bio-plastic products.  This “All-N-One” Flexible Multi-Purpose kit can be used for all kinds of exciting adventures.  It takes the hassles out of packing liquids, gels and solids. This kit includes the transparent carrying case which is made of biodegradable material. This carrying case has slots and pockets on the inside and outside for storage of camping, indoor/outdoor products, travel products and much more.   It contains at least 85% biodegradable products such as: the uniquely designed containers that consist of a zip lock mechanism on the front lower section of the container with a screw or flip type cap, and/or the other designed container that has a press lock seam mechanism at the very bottom of the container with a screw or flip type cap, mini funnels, toilet seat covers, toilet paper, no rinse bathing wipes, and the like which can be made from biodegradable material. 

These uniquely designed containers and carrying case can be made of environmentally friendly, bio-based sustainable resin plastic biopropolyene resins which is used to substitute petroleum-based additives made with renewable resources which is definitely easier on the environment. Using this type of material will generate 68% fewer green house gases and contain no toxins.  I consider this solution a necessity to reduce waste management and save our endangered environment. There will be huge opportunities for profit by selling the “All-N-One” Flexible Multi-Purpose kit including the carrying case in stores or online to consumers all around the globe.  

(GPCS) products are made with a competitive price structure versus conventional petroleum-based resins and have superior performance characteristics. Biodegradable resins will have a large political, economical and environmental advantage over the use of petroleum based materials. Also, the use of biodegradable resins help consumers and manufacturers reduce the weight of their material, increase efficiency, create a smaller carbon footprint, and best of all use material that is non-destructive to the environment. 

Our flexible, multi-purpose kit can be added to websites for bagged essentials, travel kit products. Consumers can use the uniquely designed green bag containers to re-distribute liquids or gels from larger bottles, package or re-package fluids and store liquids and gels in a swift, safe and effective manner.  It can be used for solids as well.  Also, our biodegradable travel carrying case has many uses to store products that can help save the environment.  It can balance consumer needs better than current travel kits or bottles being used by consumers today. Conserving the environment, reducing waste and supporting global sustainability are only a few ways (GPCS) products has the capability to help so many people. 

(GPCS) is currently looking for product developers to help market our products.  For a complete executive summary, detailed description please email at: Deliverables also include full technical design packages for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Biodegradable Multi-Opening Leak Proof Packet - Model TTPP-01

This uniquely designed Flexible, Multi-opening, Multi-purpose leak proof container can be used for liquids and/or solids or gel type products.  This container is sustainable, highly durable, sanitary, light weight, re-usable and portable and can be made to fit any size for any occasion.  Our containers can take the hassles out of packing liquids, gels and solids and can be used for all kinds of exciting adventures. The most unique aspect of this container is the affixed or flip type cap to allow one to pour, disperse liquids or gels or transfer from larger containers and this innovation allows for a zip-lock type mechanism at the lower portion of the container and can be made with a press lock seam at the very bottom of the container for the same reason. This product is easy to use and would be a great alternative solution to the use of conventional plastic, non recyclable , petroleum based plasticized bags, bottles. Our start up company is looking for product developers to help market our products.  for a complete executive summary, and detailed description, please email at:  Deliverables include full technical design package for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.     

"Think Green - Green Bag Containers"

Biodegradable Multi-Opening Leak Proof Packet - Model TTPP-01


Consumers and businesses could use this Flexible, Mulit-Opening, leak proof green bag container to store, pack or disperse their solids, liquids or gels products such as:  condiments, spices, pills, cotton balls, fishing hooks,   shampoo, cooking oil, suntan lotion, washing up liquids, other important liquids, hygiene products and much more. We are looking for Product Developers to help market our innovative and unique products. For a complete executive summary and detailed description , please email at:  Deliverables include full technical design packages for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.        

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Friday, October 15, 2010

GPCS - Product Sustainability

"Green" Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) products are made of certified bio-based sustainable resin plastic.

Our Bio-proployene resins is used to substitute petroleum based products.

Bio-proployene additives are made with renewable resources which is easier on the environment and can be returned back to the earth. 

(GPCS) is looking for product developers to help market our green bag containers and kit.  For more information please email at  Deliverables include executive summmary, detailed description and full technical design packages for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.   


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Product Comparison of Similiar Products

The table below shows a product comparison with similar products to Green Portable Container Solutions (GPSC) products.  
Ranging System: Fair - Good - Excellent   &  Yes – No

Product Name
Flatness /
Removable Cap
Zip Lock feature
Dual Zip Lock &  
Cap Feature
Adaptability to Biodegradable Uses
(GPCS) Containers
Re-sealable Zip lock Bag

Re-sealable Plastic Bottle

For more information regarding our green bag containers and other biodegradable products email at:

Problems with the Environment

 There is currently an excess use of non-recyclable, non-conventional petroleum based, non-degradable plasticized bags and bottles. Also, businesses, manufactures and consumers around the globe continue to use these types of products.

There are billions of pounds of polypropylene waste in our landfills, waterways and back yards.  Over 200 million tons of plastics are manufactured annually around the world with 26 million manufactured in the United States with  ONLY  5.8 % of the 26 millions is being recycled.   

Our environment needs our help......

"Green" Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) has the solution.  Currently, we are looking for Product Developers to help market our products.  For a complete executive summary and video clips, please email at:  Deliverables also include full technical design packages for third party low cost sourcing and high range production.  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) - Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important and the need to take action now is urgent.  "Green” Portable Container Solutions (GPCS) products relate to the field of environmentally friendly, portable, biodegradable, bag and container products.  My research concludes that wide spread use of environmentally friendly containers and carrying cases can reduce un-degradable landfill waste by as much as 50%.  GPCS product line can help corporate businesses move toward zero un-degradable waste goals for the environment and save at least 65% percent less energy over producing conventional plastics.

GPCS features the “All-N-One” Flexible Multi-Purpose Kit including a degradable carrying case and unique container designs and much more. These products are easy to use, reusable, light weight, sanitary, universal, portable and environmentally friendly. Marketing research finds our product line is especially well adaptive to the camping, hiking, gym, office products, travel and more. The competitive advantage of my products is the low development cost.  Our products are comprised of at least 85% biodegradable material and patent pending unique concept.

Our portable product line features several optional unique designs which can suit any application or situation.  GPCS products can be used in a variety of industries such as: sporting goods, outdoor equipment, travel, food, transportation companies, and consumers and manufacturers around the globe.

Many countries world-wide are looking for ways to reduce the use of conventional plastic products and replace them with environmentally friendly solutions. GPCS can provide investors with an opportunity to position themselves with a start-up company that has great potential for future growth in a relatively new industry. For more information please email at:

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