Saturday, June 30, 2012


My name is Dedra Branch from Richmond Virginia.  I am an inventor and entrepreneur for a unique patent pending multi opening, renewable, reusable, and portable container/packaging. 
Green Portable Container Solutions, GPCS is a startup business in Virginia who is currently searching for a company that can provide a working proto type, and produce market ready deliverables and sourcing for low range production for interested investors.   Because GPCS is a start- up company we are trying to save money to pay for continued marketing and attorney fees.
GPCS products will provide a competitive edge over similar zip loc bags and traditional 3 ounce bottles on the shelves today.    Currently, there are no similar products on the shelves today, no additional nozzle is contemplated or provided. This new and improved containers/packaging can meet the demand for a product that will offer 3 optional ways which consumers can carry, transport fluid, paste or gel like substance, disperse, package, re-package, re-distribute food, liquids, solids type products in this reusable, renewable flexible packaging that may be made of plasticized, biopolymer or equivalent similarly durable material while conforming to rigid Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards and policies. 

GPCS products can provide excellent functional performance, flexibility and provide a significant impact for packaging businesses, manufacturers, consumers and our communities across the globe.  In addition to the traveling industry, dried food, health, outdoors and beauty industries consumers could use this innovative packaging products for portable storage or dispersal of their hygiene products, condiments, sanitizers, spices, sauces, pills, cotton balls, fishing sinkers, shampoo, cooking oil, suntan lotion, detergents for washing up and much more.  There will be huge opportunities for profit by selling these products in stores or online.  This product can be manufactured and delivered for only pennies also; a number of companies can offer them as promotional incentives or tokens of corporate goodwill. 

Our goal is to provide alternative solutions for diverse industries by providing optimistic alternative solutions for businesses and consumers with safe and cost effective product designs and help reduce carbon footprint. Conserving the environment, reducing waste and supporting global sustainability are only a few ways GPCS products has the capability to help so many people and have a social impact within communities around the world.

 In exchange for your help, GPCS Company is willing to share in any profits achieved from the sale of this product. In addition, product licensing will be accepted. Deliverables include full patent pending 3D-CAD virtual proto type and technical data packages. GPCS has a tangible mock-up proto type for evaluation.  Also, for helping GPCS we are willing to consider any equable business arrangement that is fair to all parties. A full executive summary is available upon request.

GPCS is looking for a great company like yours that can help bring this product to life. Hope to hear from you soon, I can be reached at 804-647-1357 or  Thanking you in advance for your time and efforts regarding this matter.


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